Scrivener Series Development Bible


I have been using Scrivener for 2-3 months now for screenwriting. While I still do the actual writing in Final Draft, I use Scrivener for the research and development process.

Right now I’m beginning to create a show bible for a new TV pilot, and wanted to use Scrivener for the process. Then I remembered that that film trainer Mike Jones ( had made a Series Development Bible (SDB) for the screenwriting/pre-production software [url=]CeltX.

Mike released the CeltX SDB using a Creative Commons licence allowing it to be freely distributed and adapted. So I adapted his SDB into a Scrivener project.

The Scrivener Series Development Bible can be downloaded here:

I am a beginner to Scrivener, so the SDB is fairly basic. I’m open to hearing any suggestions users of the Bible may have.

  • Richard

Just to say thanks. You started me down an interesting thread as I try to scale my mind from novel to series.

Thanks for the thanks.
Glad to hear the bible’s seeing use. The CeltX version’s useful.
If you’ve got any input features-wise, please let me know.

  • Richard

Thanks for this, it’s very much appreciated! I’m working on a comic series that’s basically going to be an ongoing comic with a definite end to it. This template will really help with that, and allow me to chart the major character’s development and worldly events and (hopefully) not confuse me.

I’ve modified it a bit already, adding a Templates folder with the Character Sketch, etc… that the other template projects have. Nothing really major, yet. If I do make additions/alterations (such as making the script format applicable to Comics, as in the Comic Template by Antony Johnson) would you like to see it and yea/nay sharing of the variant?

Anyone have the file?
Google + link = dead…


ME TOO… I’m always interested in how people have used good tools and thought this sounded interesting but the sharing method is dead so the link to the file is no good either.


I got an email telling me the link to the bible had broken. To be honest, I’d forgotten about it. But a link for the download is below.

I created this using Scrivener 2. This file will open fine under Scrivener 3 though.

If you have trouble downloading the file, send me a message.

  • Richard

Scrivener Series Bible download (Dropbox)