Scrivener settings/preferences backup?

Good evening!

Is there a way to back up all Scrivener settings/preferences? I’m about to format my MacBook and would like to make sure I don’t lose all my settings that I’ve been fine-tuning over a year or so.

Do I just copy the application itself? Or is there a way to back up and import everything afterwards?

I would have thought that “Manage Preferences” would do it. Go to the first Preferences tab (General) and at the bottom of the window there should be a pull-down menu with “Manage …” on it.

Cheers, Martin.

PS: actually, it doesn’t matter which tab you are in, Manage is always at the bottom.

If you created any custom project templates, be sure to locate them and back them up too. I think you have to find them under your /~Library/Application Support/Scrivener folder* somewhere. Do you use the “Layouts” feature, which allows you to save your Scrivener interface to be a certain way (one or both editors open, Inspector hidden, left editor in cork board mode, etc…)? If so, you might have to export each of those via the Manage layouts pop-up window (Help->Layouts), using the Gear icon in that window.

  • Not at my Mac right now. The path may be different in reality


As Martin has pointed out, you want “Save all preferences…” from the “Manage…” button at the bottom of the Preferences pane. That will allow you to save all the preferences as a .prefs file. Then use “Load all preferences…” to load that file on your new setup.

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Thanks a bunch, guys! Backed it all up and about to format. :smiling_imp:

Hmm… not sure I did it right.

I saved all preferences the way Keith suggested, and loaded them now. But all my formatting presets are gone. Is there a way to save them?

Eek, no - you didn’t mention formatting presets, sorry! They are not part of the preferences but saved in ~/Library/Application Support/Scrivener/Styles.plist. If you’ve reformatted your hard driven then they’ll be gone…

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Ah crap. Let’s see how much work it’ll be to get all that back. I think I should be able to get those presets from my .scriv file.

At least my compile settings seem to have survived. That’s probably more important.

Don’t know if anybody else agrees, but maybe there should be a way to back up ALL settings.