Scrivener & SG -Coexistence

Can I have and use both SG and Scrivener on the same computer?
I thought I had read in the forums somewhere some users had experiened some problems by keeping/using both and the recommendation was to delete SG and replace with Scrivener.

I have multiple projects in SG including a just finished 400 page novel rough draft.
I’m now ready, I think, to really try out the new Scrivener beta2 by importing this project. I would reallly like to check out the new annotations. However, I would like to finish a few other projects currently in SG for consistency. Can I have both copies on my computer and use both without issue?

Also any changes in beta3/version 1 that I should worry about/hold off on before importing this project?

Sorry if these issues have already been addressed. Just a little paranoid now that I’ve got such a large part of my life in this rough draft and other projects in SG. Just don’t want to have to do any more additional work then I have to. :slight_smile:

I assume everything is SG is easily converted to Scrivener but there is no backward compatibility importing the other way? I have such a good workflow now with SG that I wanted to check my options just in case it takes me a little while to adjust to any new Scrivener processes and I need to finish current project deadlines in SG while learning the new Scrivener program.

I dragged my SG copy out of Applications, and into a special directory that I’ve made for Scrivener testing. Then I put Scrivener into Applications, and assigned all *.scriv files to it. If I want to open a file in SG, I drag and drop it onto the application icon in the testing folder. I, so far, have not had any problems with this.

Upgrading a file is extremely easy, and with beta 2, I have not seen any big bugs floating around regarding conversion. But definitely keep a backup of those files, as one always should with important documents and beta software.

Hi TR,

Although I recommend deleting SG in the readme file, this is really just to avoid minor conflicts that you will be able to avoid if you take a little care.

When importing a project to Scrivener from SG (by just trying to open it), Scrivener will ask you if you want to upgrade the project’s format to the new one. If you choose not to, then Scrivener cannot open it; if you do, then Scrivener will automatically create a backup of your old SG file before doing so (though of course I recommend you create your own backups too, just for extra safety).

As you assume, quite correctly, SG projects can be opened in Scrivener, but not the other way around. And this is where you have to be careful. Because both SG and Scrivener use .scriv files, if you have both installed on your system, OS X cannot know which version of Scrivener the project should be opened in. This isn’t too much of a problem if you try to open an SG file in Scrivener, because Scrivener checks the version of the file and will ask you whether you want to update the project (at which point you can choose not to).

The problem arises should you accidentally try to open a new Scrivener project inside SG. SG doesn’t do any version-checking on the file - an oversight on my part when building SG. This means that SG will try to open the file and there is the possibility that it could corrupt that project. (Obviously, sometime soon I need to add version-checking to SG and re-upload it to avoid this possibility - it is on my list of things to do.)

The only other issue is that the conflict between versions may cause problems with the Scrivener spotlight importer or clippings service, but this is very minor and won’t affect your work.

The best way to avoid all of these issues in your situation is as follows:

  1. Delete all copies of SG from your machine - ensure that it no longer exists in your Applications folder or anywhere else and also ensure that you empty the trash so that it is deleted completely. (Obviously you can keep the DMG around, there’s no need to re-download it later.)
  2. Reboot your machine. This isn’t entirely necessary, just restarting the Finder should work fine, but it is best to be safe.
  3. Install Scrivener (dragging to Applications folder).
  4. Create a test project, close Scrivener, and then double-click on the test project in Finder to ensure that it gets opened in the new version of Scrivener and that there are no old copies lurking around that try to open .scriv files.
  5. Reboot your machine again. Again, not strictly necessary, but this will ensure that the services and spotlight plugins work correctly.
  6. Create a folder somewhere (NOT in your Applications directory) for SG and install SG there.
  7. You might want to rename any SG projects so that they specify that they belong to SG, for your own reference.

Now, double-clicking .scriv files should try to open them in the new version of Scrivener, but you can use SG to open old SG projects from disk (or, as AmberV says, open SG and drag .scriv files to it).

Just be very careful not to open new .scriv files in SG until I have added version checking to SG.

Hope that helps.

EDIT: Incidentally, the current beta of S1 should actually be more stable than SG, because it is built on the same code base, but improved and debugged more. The only big feature from SG that hasn’t made it into S1 is the ability to open separate windows for each document in your project (a feature that was dropped to allow for more flexibility within the main editing window). I also dropped the target word/character count feature, which was buggy, and also the task list. But of course, I also added and improved a lot. :slight_smile:

Keith & AmberV,

Thanks for the help & suggestions.

Keith, thanks for the details about upgrading to Scrivener. It’s nice to know it creates it’s own back up when it upgrades. Although, as suggested I’ll make my own back-up as well.

Thanks for the list of potential conversion issues and steps to avoid. I’ve been dying to really try the new beta. So far I’ve only went through the tutorial. With your list of steps, assurances and AmberV’s confirmation I feel much better about jumping in. I’ll follow both your suggestions as I make the leap later today.

It’s also nice to see SG will be getting version-checking in the future. I’ll label my files (SG/Scrivener) for now to avoid any issues with my memory :slight_smile: and opening the wrong file.

It’s good to know Scrivener is even more stable and debugged. The few missing features you described are ok with me as I didn’t use them except for the task list but I can keep a task list within the application no problem. I’m excited to try all the new added and improved features.

Thanks again Keith for all your efforts. Your work has changed the way I write. I’m more productive and more excited to write as your applications are so well thought out and designed.

Thanks again,

Followed the suggestions and everything worked perfectly.

I have both SG and Scrivener working.
Converted my big project to Scrivener and have been so impressed I’ve spent most of the day editing and trying out all the new features.

Was a little hesitant about converting but am now sold.