scrivener sharing between Mac, Mac book and iPhone.

I downloaded Scrivener 3 on my Mac and MacBook without any problems. However when i backup a file from either one I can’t access it on the other. Trying to have the saved file available on cloud doesn’t seem to be option.

Also I want to download Scrivener on my iPhone (more to have my files at hand the to write) but it asks me t pay for it again.

Any tips.
Gracias. :confused:

iOS Scrivener is a separate product from Mac Scrivener, requiring a separate purchase.

Scrivener’s backup files are ZIP files by default, and cannot be opened directly in Scrivener. You need to uncompress them first.

More information about sharing projects between devices here: … g-with-ios



If they are separate products can they still share the same files.?

Yes: … ng-started

Slàinte mhòr.