Scrivener shuts down upon closing project

New and have just used the 1.0.3 trial a few days.

Is the program supposed to close when the current project is closed?
When I reload the program it opens to the project I tried to close.

I have been opening the program by selecting a project.



Don’t know for sure, bu I tend to think so. Since it is not multi-tabbed to hold several projects in one window, why would you want to keep it open empty-handed?

These are options you can set in Tools > Options… under the general tab. Default is for the program to close when the last open project window is closed, but you can choose instead to go to the New Project window (from which you can create a new project or load an existing one). You can also change the setting for whether the most recent project is automatically loaded on startup.

Thank you Jennifer.

I guess I will eventually find the time to thoroughly explore the program