Scrivener Shutting Down When Typing WikiLink in Scratchpad

I found that whenever I would complete a [[Wikilink]] final bracket (]) in a Scratchpad file, the Scrivener project would force quit and delete the text in the Scratchpad file.

For example, if I was to reference the Chapter 1 using Wikilinks in a Scratchpad file, when I type [[Chapter 1] there is no issue, but when I type the final ] to complete the Wikilink, Scrivener shuts down.

I am able to recreate this issue.

This is definitely a bug, as the program should never crash. That said, I believe your expectation of being able to use the Wiki Link feature from the Scratchpad is misguided.

Scrivener Wiki Links work within a project–not project-to-project. The target document name typed between brackets must exist in the current project’s binder. If the target document name does not exist in the binder, Scrivener will offer to create a new document within the current project’s binder.

Therefore, I don’t believe the Wiki Link feature is intended to work from the Scratchpad, as the Scratchpad is not a project and doesn’t have it’s own Binder.

You should be able to create links from the Scratchpad to project documents using the External Links feature, but I haven’t been able to make it work. I can create an external link in the Scratchpad, but nothing happens when I click on it. I think this is also a bug.


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Thank you for your reply, Jim.

Do you happen to know if putting the Scratchpad folder in the Scrivener project folder will allow the Wikilinks to work? The reason I tried using the Wikilinks was to more effectively reference the Scrivener documents when jotting down notes in the Scratchpad.

Nah. I just tried it, and it doesn’t work. :open_mouth: Nice idea though!

The Scratchpad is certainly aware of open Scrivener projects and their Binders, via the Send to Project commands in the bottom right corner. image

But those are the only Scratchpad functions I’m aware of. It’s a very limited tool, as compared to all of the many Binder operations that are allowable within an actual project.

Maybe instead of focusing on the Scratchpad–tell us what you are trying to accomplish? Someone may be able to suggest a better way to get there.


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I am mostly thinking of using the Scratchpad as a Notepad txt editor. Usually, I have something to jot down and use Notepad, however, I have found it to have no history in the notepad file, but overwrites everything. For example, I cannot use the Undo function twice.

Something I did notice is that the Scratchpad files can either be rtf or a text file (you can select in Preferences). I did think of making it .rtf or .txt and opening up the original file in the project path so I can have it open without having Scrivener open, but in the .txt case, it may have the same issues as no Undo function twice and no auto-save.

Are all the notes you make in the Scratchpad related to a Scrivener project?

Not only does this not work, it’s a terrible idea and risks corrupting either your project or your Scratchpad. The contents of the .scriv folder should be managed exclusively by Scrivener itself, via the project Binder.

Yes, after putting them in the Scratchpad, I would organize them into the respective Scrivener document.

If the notes all have to do with one Scrivener project, then what I do is use a Quick Ref panel instead of the Scratchpad tool.

I created a document in the project and called it Scratchpad. (Of course it can be named anything.) I launch it as a Quick Ref panel and keep it open while I’m working. I jot down quick notes as needed on the Scratchpad Quick Ref doc. Later I review them and file them away to documents. Wiki Links work in this scenario, as do all features available to Scrivener documents.

I do use the Scratchpad tool, but primarily for storing and accessing reference material that is common to all my Scrivener projects. For instance: frequently used Scrivener shortcuts, Windows shortcuts, URLs, hex codes for highlight colors–things like that.


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The Quick Reference panel does seem like a good idea. I’ll try that out for the time being!

I also did find another bug with the Scratchpad. I see that in one of my notes, it’s an image and when I keep clicking it (highlighting it and clicking it) and then switch to clicking another Scratchpad note and back to the note with the image and right clicking it, Scrivener will shut down.