Scrivener slow to start

Scrivener has got terribly slow to start (I think since El Capitan, which seems to have its own problems). I boot up, and it sits and sits, sometimes with the little rainbow wheel turning, until finally I think… no, wait again… and so on, until at last it starts. Same problem on shutdown; it takes an age. Any solutions?

Anyone? I see someone complaining about Scrivener running slow on Twitter and attributing it to Windows’ upgrade…

Have you tried restarting your Mac? Or closing some other open apps, before starting Scrivener? A slow start of an app is seldom the fault of the app. More often the “system”.

There’s one known El Capitan performance issue, discussed here:

If that’s not it, you can launch Scrivener without loading any projects by holding the Shift key when the program starts. That will help determine whether the problem is with Scrivener itself, or with a specific problem file.

How large is the project you’re trying to load?


Thanks, this seems to have sorted itself out - I think it was an El Capitan problem.