Scrivener slows down and seems to crash

Hi there, I have been very happy with the program until yesterday when I run CC cleaner. The normal cleanse of the registery must have caused a problem. Now scrivener slows extremly down and seems to crash (it doesn’ t, at the end, but it is so slow that it’s nearly impossible to work with). And no, I have not backuped the registery files . Ok could it be the images on the pages that cause the problem?
I already de- and re-installed the program!
Any suggestions? Thanks

The problem with programs like CC Cleaner is that they make educated guesses about what they can safely remove…and they are often wrong.

You may very well have messed up registry entries for underlying software components that Scrivener depends on.

In the past when I had my first issues with CC Cleaner, the steps I took to resolve them were:

  1. Uninstall the application that was showing the issue.
  2. Reboot the machine
  3. Run a full set of updates – Windows Update, any specialized drivers that aren’t handled through Windows Update, etc. Reboot if required.
  4. Use system tools to repair any installations of the .NET framework, VisualC++ runtimes, etc.
  5. Reboot once more
  6. Reinstall the application in question.

In my case, I was lucky and this seemed to resolve the issue. The very next step I took was to uninstall CC Cleaner and never use a third-party “registry cleanup tool” again.