Scrivener + 'standard' account

I did a search on ‘account’ and came up with a similar question I’d ask last year. :slight_smile: This is a more technical and specific question.

I’m setting up my new Macbook Air* to take to an upcoming workshop and have set up a standard account to use for daily writing instead of using an admin account. Having read a bunch of scary stuff about security, I’ve tried to set this machine up to be as safe as I can make it without locking me out along with anyone else.

I’ve set up the app folder to work with this new account (not “everyone” but this specific standard account) so I can access Scrivener (and the other apps I use). My question is:

Is it better to move the Documents folder (where my Scrivener .scriv projects reside) to the new standard account or to leave the folder where it is and alter the permissions to read and write for this new account? Can Scrivener do that? Access and use the Documents/Scrivener projects that are under another account?

What’s the best practices way to go with this? I think I know what I’m doing, then run up against the wall of no knowing the best way to set up this laptop.

Thanks for everyone’s help.

*gorgeous AND the sweetest writing computer ever :smiley: