Scrivener startup question

I am a new user to Scrivener, using the beta 3.0 HiDPI release, but this question applies to all releases: why does Scrivener start with a list of project templates and make you use a menu/button to get to a recent project? Don’t people spend more time on a current project than in starting a new one? The startup screen choices seem backwards to me. I would expect to see current and recent projects prominently listed, and templates readily available but not the primary display.

Maybe the opening screen should be tabbed so that current and recent projects show on one tab and templates on another.

As with many things in Scrivener, you can change this behavior if you don’t like it. Enable the checkbox at File > Options > Startup > Reopen projects that were open on quit.


Thanks, Jim. I saw that, but my main point is that the opening dialog seems poorly designed if people spend more time editing than creating something new. Software should favor the most common behavior, and if there is no such behavior, it should try to be equitable in what it presents to the user.