Scrivener, Stickies, and Automator?

Hi all.

Does anyone know whether an Automator process could be designed to update a part of a Sriv database with the latest lines from a Stickies window?

Thanks very much.


Neat concept.
I assume you would like a text file currently open in Scrivner to be updated with text from a selected sticky…

Scrivener does not have any Applescript hooks, let alone Automator hooks – but it does have a couple of clipping Services. One will append to the current Scrivener document, and the other will create a new clipped document out of the selection.

Any plans on implementing applescript or automator? Using DEVONthink Pro as long as I have, I really have come to appreciate the brilliance of Applescripts, especially in cross-program interchanges of text and information.

No plans for 1.0. Not sure how difficult it would be to implement as I’ve never looked into it, so it’s not on the radar for the immediate future. More of a 1.5-2.0 thing, I think. Sorry.

No no…I definitely didn’t mean now for this version…I read what you wrote elsewhere about freezing features for final release of 1.0. I’m behind you 100%. I’m just hoping it’s on the planning boards for a 1.5/2.0.

I really have come to believe that Applescript in particular has become a defining mark of great Mac software, since by it disparate software (especially text-based, like Bookends, DEVONthink, Scrivener, etc.) can “speak” to one another. In essence, it makes the OS the ground by which all the citizens (the software) can democratically exchange ideas with one another.

Ok, maybe I’ve taken it too far. I think the point has been made. :slight_smile: Anyhow, I’m already sold on Scrivener, especially with the whole export to LaTeX possibilites I’m coming to fathom. A program that allows you to either work and export to RTF, or divide between content and form and export as LaTeX…and in both cases, availing one’s self of all the metadata and organizing abilities…very impressive.

BTW, I wrote my whole last essay in Scrivener, exported directly out of it as RTF, put it in an email, and off it went to my prof. For short pieces, nothing more was needed. Great work on a great program, Keith!

On a personal note, I really wish Apple would release a set of standardised libraries that allowed “real” scripting languages to access Mac applications with the same depth that AppleScript does. The three biggies would be enough: Perl, Python and Ruby. All three currently have independently developed AppleScript libraries of varying usefulness. Most end up just letting you wrap AppleScript into your regular script – so you are still limited by the weird syntax and mind numbing slowness that is characteristic of AppleScript. These other languages, on the other hand, have deep access to the system, and most of them run nearly as fast (if not faster) than compiled source code. It just seems odd that in these days there is no formal system for doing this. AppleScript had its purpose way back in Classic days, but now that we are sitting on a UNIX core, it is frustrating to have only limited access to the real powerful UNIX scripting languages.

Anyway, off-topic rant. :slight_smile: