Scrivener still listed in Apps & Features

When looking through the Apps & Features of Win10 there was an entry still for Scrivener I had used the update feature to test its feature. When clicked on the remove option was greyed out. I then uninstalled and now it to is showing as still being listed with the uninstall feature greyed out.

While I do have a copy of Scrivener 1.9.13 on the system its still listed as 1.9.12 (possibly because it was only a minor update) they were NOT located in the same directory or even the same drive.

Also I have rebooted the system with both being still listed.

After further troubleshooting I found that the entries were listed not under the 64bit version entries in the Registry keys but under the 32bit version. I’ve only been using he 64bit version on my system.


As for Scrivener still listed as .12 instead of .13… for some reason it failed to install .13 back when it was released. Fixed now as well.

something I use when I think a program’s been uninstalled, but Settings|Apps on Windows 10 won’t remove the listing, is the (old) Control Panel.

This still has all its capabilities, and you can say you want to uninstall the program there.

If it’s already gone (no uninstaller), then the Control Panel will just say so, and ask if you want to remove the remaining fragments so it’s really gone. Works always, no muss, and I’ve used it often enough for such old Scrivener issues.

Just be sure you’re not uninstalling Scrivener 1.9 if you wanted to keep that, or your new install if there…

The easiest way to get to the Control Panel is to click the Start menu button, then start typing its name until it shows. Then click the name in the usual way, go to ‘Uninstall Programs’ on the top sheet.

Normally I would say Yes to that idea as I’ve used it on previous builds, but not this time, thus why I had to go into the registry itself and remove them which I’m loathed to do even with backups.

Don’t know if its because I’m also part of the Fast Track with Microsoft’s Beta testing of Windows. I’m currently at Eval copy pre-release 18980. Windows Home edition 64bit.

One problem with using the in-app updater for Scrivener is that it leaves the version as the old version number in certain parts of the registry, and this shows in the Programs and Features list. This can cause a few hitches in uninstalling it.

You shouldn’t have to edit the registry to fix it, however (I never have; uninstall usually works), and that might indeed be your Beta copy of Windows.