Scrivener stopped saving today

HELP! I’ve just spent five hours updating my manuscript - due to my editor Monday and I see that nothing I did was saved. Please help ASAP!

It’s highly unlikely that Scrivener didn’t save your work; by default, it saves all changes when you stop interacting with it for 2 seconds. Without further details, it’s really hard to tell what did happen though.

Did you use File->Save As… to create a backup before your last editing session? If so, look in that backup copy. When you create a copy using that feature, Scrivener (and almost all other programs) closes the original, and opens up the new copy for editing.

… That’s just one possible cause/solution out of hundreds.

Take a look at the automatic backups folder (located via Tools->Options->Backups). Copy all likely backups of your project to another folder for safe-keeping (Scrivener purges the oldest backup whenever it creates a new backup of a project), and then open them up to see if your latest edits are in any of them. This won’t tell you what happened, but if you haven’t opened and closed the same project over and over again since you found your edits missing, the missing text should be in one of them.