Scrivener stops responding upon compilation

For a couple of months (perhaps since the latest OS X-upgrade to Sierra?), Scrivener stops functioning when I attempt to compile my document. When I’m compiling for docx but also for other formats, I hit “compile”, chose a place to which I can export, hit “export”, and then the program freezes as it reads “converting format". When I open the “force quit” window, Scrivener does not respond.

Any suggestions?

Start by trying to compile to RTF. Since that doesn’t involve a converter. If that works, it’s the conversion process that’s stalling, and you should check the settings. The upgrade to Sierra might have affected the software involved. The other thing is to make sure you’re using the latest version of Scrivener.


Have you upgraded to the latest version?
If yes, have you tested to delete and re-install the app?
Have you done the most obvious action: restart your Mac?

I have the latest OS X, the latest version of Scrivener, a not so new MBP, and Compile without problems.

Okay, thanks a bunch! I did all that - reinstalled, restarting mac and so on.

And then I found that only documents within the folder “manuscript” are stalling, also when export to rtf! Documents from other folders function quite well.

So I moved all of my files from the folder manuscript into a new folder that I called manuscript, and now everything seems to work just fine.

Thanks again!

(If you have an explanation, I’m quite curious to know, but now I’m only curious :slight_smile: )