Scrivener Stops working after upgrade

Just wrote a mail to scrivener support, but no answer till now.

My Problem, after Upgrade i get a message, my Scrivener User is Blacklisted, i’m supprised, because i bought it at saturday last week.

Where can i start searching for the problem???


OK, fixed it by myself. I’m not sure what went wrong, i had to remove the whole app (including the files under library) and reinstalled, reentered my Serial, now its working…



Throw out the file com.literatureandlatte.scrivener.plist in your personal Preferences folder.

Download a fresh copy of Scrivener 1.02 from

Install it and use your serial.

It should work OK.

EDIT - Ahh! You beat me by less than 60 seconds. Great News. Can’t have Scrivener users floundering.

Just a small notice. I compared the file: com.literatureandlatte.scrivener.plist before i removed all and after the new installation. They really looked different, possbly it came from a crash this mornnig…

Glad you fixed it. Not sure why you had this issue. I did reply to your e-mail, but bear in mind that I do sleep and work a dayjob so I can’t always answer immediately. :slight_smile:

And with the amount of work you’ve been putting into Scrivener lately I don’t imagine there’s too much else going on. :smiley: