Scrivener suddenly closes down all by itself

Help! This has never happened before… I love Scrivener and have been happily using it on Windows 7 for ages. Today I opened it up and began to work on my project. Suddenly Scrivener closed itself. This happened twice. So I checked that my version was up-to-date (it is), ran every utility and anti-virus I could think of and rebooted my computer. But it is still happening! It is a MASSIVE project with many thousands of words… is that the problem?

Addendum: all I was doing at the time of the crash was adding a word and deleting another word, then saving.

If I uninstall and reinstall Scrivener will I have to pay for it again? I have no idea where my license key number is…

Does the crash reliably happen whenever you use File > Save, but not if Scrivener just auto-saves? Check in the Backup settings of Tools > Options to see if you have enabled the automatic backups to run when you manually save; it could be a problem with running out of resources when trying to create a zipped backup of an extremely large project.

Hi MM and thank you for your quick reply! It actually happens even when I don’t save. I was just hovering the cursor over a word just now and Scrivener closed. It’s as if it doesn’t want to stay open for more than about 2 minutes no matter what I’m doing… should I try a reinstall?

PS I have done as you suggested - my settings were “backup on project close”, and “turn on automatic backups”.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled Scrivener… so far my beloved program seems to be behaving herself again, so fingers crossed and I hope she’s permanently back to her usual excellence! :smiley:

Oh NO! It happened again and lost all my recent changes… it ONLY happens when I am working on a particular paragraph…I will delete the paragraph…

Some kind of invalid characters in the RTF for that paragraph maybe? If it’s not too late (maybe you have backups?), you could save a copy of that document file so we could test with it to prevent bad behaviour, if that is indeed what’s causing the problem.

If that doesn’t work, you could try rebooting into Safe Mode and working a bit in Scrivener there. If that avoids the crashing, there’s probably some other software running in your usual setup that’s conflicting with Scrivener.

I’ve had sudden crashes from time to time, but had not, until now, the alertness to recall what I was doing and report it here.

So…I crashed just now while relocating a doc within my 8600-item binder, right at the drop. I believe it was an older doc that I had cleared and repurposed for new content.

(Must add that my Scriv is the initial release of Pretty sure the team made a quick patch later that day under the same version number, and I never updated. Patch was something I didn’t care about, but I can see how a lag screws up bug reporting, so I’ll be sure to update.)

Rgds – Jerome

Yes, this happened to me twice this morning. Luckily nothing lost, but it doesn’t inspire confidence.

I’m sorry you’ve had a crash! Could you provide some more information about what you were doing when the crash happened, how long Scrivener had been running, what version of Scrivener you’re using and what version of Windows? Was this a crash following a drag and drop of items in the binder?