Scrivener suddenly crashing out when moving cursor to Outliner

I was trying to correlate some info but as I move from the editor view to Outliner Scrivener 3 ( windows) just drops off screen. I let it up date to latest version it had available but it is still the same - is this suddenly an issue for anyone else please? Huge pain I was in middle of a draft. Thanks MC

not seeing it, but is it across multiple projects or only one and what version? 3.13 or lower?

Sorry I’ve moved over to old mac a min to try to finish what I was doing - I’ll be back :slight_smile:

Hi it up dated to 3 1 3 0 just now from what ever it was before but it started to do it in that previous version which has been just fine - it is still doing it - bizarre!

Hi I just checked it seems to be the one project. I’ve done switch off and on and close project and re open etc and the last time I reopened it seemed to have stopped doing it and I could use it OK - HUM :frowning: unreliable though. Well, it’s done pretty well over the years in not messing about. So Thanks for reading and replying - I may be fixed - I hope :slight_smile: MC

Try creating a new project and migrate the files and folders to it a few at a time and see if recurs. If not, then that specific project corrupted or setting messed up. If when move files a group causes a problem, then something in the file is an issue. May have to look at hidden markups View>text editing>show invisibles.

Thank you - so far so good it has settled back down - I was using the lap top with it perched on a box somewhere I don’t normally work I even wonder if my hand was grazing over a key or part of the touch pad and in some way doing this. Have finished what I was doing and moved back to normal work area so will look at setting up a new file tomorrow. Thanks MC

Glad it worked, have two setups, but prefer the tower with multiple monitors.