Scrivener suddenly does not work anymore?

Scrivener suddenly does not work anymore. It runs slowly / sluggish, shows “No response” all the time, clicking an item / button causes hesitations of 5, 6 seconds or so, searching shows “No response” without stopping so I have to close Scrivener with e.g. the Task Manager.

Re-installing didn’t help. What else could I do?

Try restoring windows back to an earlier date when things were working fine - than reinstall Scrivener - type restore in the Windows search box

Many thanks.

Well, well, doing this only because of Scrivener, and that might cause other problems, losing new settings, programs, big effort, etc. At the moment Scrivener runs properly after a lot of re-installs / removing (setting) files / program files of Scriv. and doing all its settings again. After some time Scriv. stops working again and I have to do it again and so on, it runs very instable on my system.

Where are the Scriv’s setting stored, e.g. the ones of the tool bars, editor settings, etc., so all the custom settings?

Many thanks again

My assumption is that you’ve rebooted your PC and ruled out other programs running that might be impacting performance.

Rebuilding the Scrivener search index sometimes helps people who suddenly experience significant performance issues.

Select `Tools > Save and Rebuild Search Indexes’. See Appendix A.7 in the manual.

Hope that helps,

No, no. No reboot, it appears as if Scrivener causes the issue, after removing the / some setting files it (mostly or always) runs properly.

May be that is done by removing those setting files.

Thank you, I will try it the next time, if possible, generally there is no access to Scrivener anymore when “No response” is shown.

Many thanks, Jim

Sorry, but can you please explain what settings files you removed?

Regarding rebuilding the search index, the idea is to do that when Scrivener is running normally, before you have a problem.

Ah sorry, I simply called those files setting files though I do not know whether they really are such files. If I remember it right I deleted a bunch of folders, some files in that AppData folder, one or more rtfi.exe files, cashe files or so, one folder named “SKEL”, another named Fonts and such. So many none setting files, obviously.

How often should I do it then? Each time after starting, more often?

Oh, I see. I don’t know anything about those files or what the impact would be of removing them.

I have seen cases on this forum where a user’s search index got out of sync, which caused Scrivener performance issues. When the user rebuilt the search index, the performance was returned to “normal”. So the idea is for you to run the reubild one time, to see if your performance issue stops happening. The rebuild may not help you, but it can’t hurt, so it is worth trying.

I do not have any idea either, but somehow it obviously worked.

Alright. So actually I would not think it will help, but I will try it. For example, when the language is set to the system language, not English, Scrivener often or mostly causes performance problems, “No response”. When I switch to English it runs properly. But that problem can be caused by other actions, too, I cannot remember anymore which ones, sometimes when I try some settings Scrivener stops working.

Alright, I will try that rebuild at the next occasion. At the moment I would rather avoid testing to not to cause such performance issues.

Many thanks