Scrivener suddenly has lost its registration

My copy of Scrivener (last update was which I’ve been using just fine since 2007 abruptly will not load, informing me that “My Trial Period” has run out. When I attempt to enter my serial number, it rejects it. WTF?


I have a similar issue - I’v got, running on 10.7.5 (thouhj I hopr to update). I bought a standard license - does this only cover version 3?

If you bought it recently, then you should update to version 2.9, which I believe is only different in that it accepts the license codes they’re selling now, and works with v3 as well.

If you bought the license a long time ago (more than a year… maybe?) then it might be that the license server is having issues? Definitely contact support:

If an existing and previously working license has abruptly failed, make sure that you have internet access. Scrivener periodically checks to make sure licenses are still valid, and if that check fails repeatedly it will eventually give an error message. If that doesn’t help, contact support.