Scrivener Support Issue

Hi, first I’d like to say I’m posting this in as sincere and positive a manner as I possibly can. I’m not trying to attack anyone or make them look bad. However, I’m having a problem with this site and I don’t really know how to solve it apart from calling out an individual. I’m a Mac user who has been on these forums a few times in the past year looking for help. My questions are always answered by “drmajorbob” and, long story short, he’s never provided a solution or even courteously dealt with one of my questions. Is there anyone on these forums besides this person when it comes to Mac support? I would be interested in knowing what hours they’re available to lend support.

I gave you a partial answer to the problem posted tonight, informed you that the issue is complicated, and offered to explain more fully in a form where it’s easier to do that.

Long story short, I don’t work for Literature & Latte, and I don’t work for you. Every OUNCE of assistance I give is charity work, and some people have no appreciation whatsoever.


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I’m going to close this topic, as there’s no need for a public back and forth.

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