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Regarding the recent email I received about taking a Scrivener user survey. It would have been easier if it were possible to simply write a response in the email, and return the email. And, it would also have been easier if I could have reviewed ALL the survey questions, without being required to complete each page before seeing the next page.

These days, I choose to not have internet access all day long, as it interferes with my writing time. I do still use the internet for researching topics, and for news, and for communications. That is why, getting a survey that will not allow me to review all the questions in the survey before responding, and not being able to take the request back to my desk and give it my full attention, may not have been the best use of asking the question of your Scrivener user base.

For some, this probably worked. For myself, this did not work. That is my first bit of feedback.

I use Scrivener for writing by book. I have most recently used Scrivener for compiling my documents related to the veterans administration and their incredibly inept and highly corrupt ways of serving United States veterans. But, that is another matter.

The most challenging part of Scrivener for me is formatting when compiling. When I have a document ready to send to a colleague for editing, it needs to be in a Word friendly format. When I receive a document with changes in it, I need to open their response document, in a format that reveals their changes.

The easiest method for doing this that I have found, is to use Pages as the intermediary formatting document. This adds a layer of complexity to my work flow, that I wish I did not have to go through. I know that Scrivener can format its output with the Compile features, but so far I have not found this feature easy to understand. And perhaps, to be fair, this is from my years of experience formatting technical documents using Word and how simple I find it to set up a TOC, and format a document in any word processor, including Pages. I know that Scrivener is not a word processing document, but my second piece of feedback is that, perhaps there could be some way of looking at making the formatting process in Scrivener more transparent given the needed interaction for writers like myself, who are instantly using Scrivener to write, in order to submit to a word processing format, and vice verse.

What I enjoy in scrivener, is how easy t is, to put parts of a document in different binder sections, and to be able to only focus on the parts of the document that I am currently working on. This can not be done in a word processing document.

I also enjoy how easy it is to search globally for a term, or a phrase I have used … somewhere … in the document.

As far as the many marvelous things that Scrivener also does, I rarely use them.

Scrivener is a wonderful writing tool. As I begin to turn my attention more to writing my book, and focusing less on my VA legal case, I may well begin to appreciate some the many other wonderful Scrivener tricks.

I hope that these suggestions have been helpful. Thank you for asking for customer feedback.


Moved to the feedback forum. Thank you for your detailed response. – Katherine