scrivener syncing for ipad - implication between pc versions


so reading about the wonderful new sync features that are being worked on for the sake of the ipad version… this means of course that the pc (and osx) versions will be modified to accommodate this new feature.

what i’m wondering is if this will impact (positively) the workflow not only between a pc and an ios device but also between pc’s.

so if i have scrivener installed on my desktop as well as my laptop, will the syncing feature work between both these devices as well?

hoping that it will!



Hi jin,

The iOS syncing features are strictly for syncing between desktop and mobile versions of the application and have nothing to do with syncing desktop to desktop. For that though you can already use Dropbox or a similar service to keep your projects in sync between machines. You can find our KB article with guidelines on that (and a few advisories) here.


cool. thanks for the clarification! was wondering if syncing would help discrepancies that can creep up when you do journaling on multiple platforms…

but yeah, i guess i’ll rely on the dropbox conflict resolution systems.

thanks for the info!