Scrivener takes a long time to create/save new file version.

Dear Support,

I have a troubling issue that came out of nowhere and it’s been hampering my ability to create new file versions (novel_ver1, novel_ver2, etc.) of the novel project that I working on at the moment.

To wit, if I go to “Save As” and make a new version of project, it takes a very long time (as in over an hour) to save it. If I hit cancel during the save process, I get a message that says, “Save as Error,” and then, "Could not Save Project: " followed by “Scrivener does not allow saving to a project’s .scriv folder. Please select another location.”

I am unsure why it started, but I didn’t have any issues until this afternoon. And I have plenty of room on the target drive (which is a local drive), so that isn’t the problem. The issue also appears to come up no matter if I go to another project or even if I try to start a new one – the “saving” project process takes a long time.

Oddly enough, if I keep working in the same project version, I don’t have any issues. It saves as normally without pause.

I know this may sound confusing, so please let know if I need to explain the issue further.

Thank you for your time.

Hi baculus,

You say Scrivener is giving you this error: “Scrivener does not allow saving to a project’s .scriv folder. Please select another location.”

What that means is, you are not allowed to select an existing project’s folder as your new version’s destination folder.

For example, if you’re in the novel_ver1 project, and you tell Scrivener to ‘Save As’ because you want to create a new project novel_ver2, you need to select another folder besides the novel_ver1 project folder as the destination for novel_ver2.

Make sense? Let me know whether helps or not.



Thanks for replying. As it turns out, I had installed ZoneAlarm (a personal firewall program) earlier today, and that was the source of my problem since it was causing issues with saving to my HDD. Once I uninstalled the application, everything was fine and back to normal. It was also causing trouble with my Cobian Backup app, which I use to back up my files to multiple directories, and that’s when I suspected that software was causing all the turmoil.

It’s a little ridiculous since I spent more time than needed to discover the fix, running anti-virus scans, a HDD scan, etc., but oh well. At least I resolved the issue.

I would consider this issue to be fixed at this time, unrelated to Scrivener itself.

Glad you were able to figure it out!