Scrivener -> TeX and citekeys


I’m thinking about using Scrivener for my thesis. And when I’m finished writing I want to do the typesetting and bibliography-setting with LaTeX. Since I can use Papers’ Magic Manuscripts I can easily insert cite-keys from my Papers-database which look like “\cite{Author:2009tg}” (w/out the " of course).
I just did a test run what Scrivener does with that and the result in LaTeX was


What can I do that Scrivener does not convert the cite-key to anything but lets it the way it is? I won’t use “” and curly brackets in my thesis. If I would have to add some math what could I do to prevent Scrivener to not convert that to total rubbish?

If you’re going from Scrivener to TeX then I suggest you have a look at MultiMarkdown ((MMD) as the channel between them. Using MultiMarkdown will maximise the benefit you’ll get from Scrivener and get you a long way to your finished TeX document.

If you want to copy and paste your citations in latex format to start with, then MMD lets you pass that untouched using HTML comment markers, so:

Using MMD would also resolve your maths issue as well.

There’s a whole MMD forum here: viewforum.php?f=21

And – blowing my own trumpet – a useful beginners’ guide here: viewtopic.php?f=21&t=17239