scrivener text

The text as gone pale and unreadable.

In the editor?

Does this help?
Ctrl+A | Right-Click | Text Colour | Remove Colour (or just pick a different one).

Doesn’t help still pale and not readable. A problem with the normal text option on the title on the index card.

Could you maybe post a screenshot showing what you’re seeing? There are several different places to customise colours, depending on where in the interface we’re talking about, and it’s also possible that the text is greyed out for some other reason. Just use the PrintScreen key to take the snapshot, then paste into MS Paint and save as a file to attach here via the “Upload attachment” link below.

Here is the screen shot.

Weird! Looks similar to what other users have reported on this thread.

As posted in that thread, this appears to be a known issue with one of the recent Windows updates on certain systems.