Scrivener. The best thing since...

  1. sliced bread.

  2. antibiotics.

  3. pockets.

4)the invention of the flushing toilet.

  1. Firefly got cancelled.

  2. Lucas decided not to make the last three Star Wars movies.

Add to the list. Let’s see what everyone comes up with! :smiley:

I hope you don’t mean that Firefly getting cancelled was a good thing. :slight_smile:

And thanks!

Don’t you dare start that again, Keith…

I have only just borrowed Firefly on DVD from a friend, and have only seen the first episode. You give away a single spoiler and I am going back to Microsoft Word.

That last part is a lie and you know it. You could no more go back to Word, than I could go back to being childless.

As to the “best thing since” I would nominate the following:

  1. … man’s discovery of controlled fermentation.
  2. … man’s discovery of woman.
  3. … man’s discovery of applying #1 to #2.
  4. … man’s discovery of the results of #3.

Ok, #4 is technically bad, but the point is there. Somewhere.

Uh…yeah. Sorry, I should’ve said ‘since Firefly’. I love that show. The movie is good to but I can’t help but feel that it doesn’t leave any room for another one or bringing back the show. :cry: