Scrivener & the iPhone 6+

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I’m curious if you have had any thoughts of how Scrivener for iOS might work for the iPhone 6+… I’m finding that I love using this device like a little iPad for writing (and other activities). My only frustration is that with some apps, I have to use an overly crippled iPhone version of an app when I wish I could use the features of the iPad version… I know the 6+ is obviously more limited in screen space than an iPad, but still find it an interesting in-between device that developers are just starting to take advantage of… Anyway, just curious if this new form factor has affected your thinking on the iOS development.

In unrelated news: I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Scrivener for the Mac. And I’m a big champion for the product with all my writer friends. Thank you for creating such a wonderful product.

I’m working on two novels right now using Scrivener (sync via Dropbox to iPhone 6+, where I write using Editorial app).

Thank you!


I think you will be pleased with the experience on the 6+. We’re not treating the iPhone and iPod form factor as a crippled second. The intent is for serious work to get done at this size, if that is what people choose to use. One of these pocket devices with a foldable keyboard is really not that shabby, considering you can carry it just about everywhere you’d carry a cell phone. Even the iPad can’t tout that. 8)

That’s so great to hear. I’m excited to see it. Thanks, AmberV!

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Thanks for the laughs, yuvi :wink:
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