Scrivener & the new MS Office (Mac)

Greetings all!

Am in the process of downloading the new Office(365) versions of the new Office for Mac 2016(?) – but before installing it, was wondering if Scrivener plays along nicely with it?

Anyone been using the Word ‘preview’ version with Scrivener that can provide feedback? Presumably all is well, just figured I’d play it safe by checking first…

A not-insiginificant part of me is saying “hang on to Word 2011, just in case”… But a larger(?) part of me is thinking that having both versions on my Mac at the same time, might cause complications with the MS side of things…

Has Microsoft changed the document (.docx) format?

That’s all Scrivener really cares about.

And if they have changed it, they’ll break a lot of other third party programs, too, so cross-format conversion tools should appear pretty quickly.


I’ve had the Office 2016 preview installed on my Mac ever since it was released. I don’t do a ton of Scrivener on my Mac, but I believe I’ve imported from DOCX once or twice with no problems.

Also, I’ve had the 2016 beta and 2011 both installed without problems (and no problems with scrivener -> docx here either but YMMV). As usual Microsoft make a mess of their font installation but it doesn’t really cause problems, only trauma for obsessive compulsive font organisers 8)

Utterly unrelated but wow, what a total improvement. Not saying much considering what a pile of unmitigated crap 2011 was. This is much more cohesive to windows and better integrated into OS X paradoxically. I have performance issues with scrolling with track changes on (reported in beta, not fixed), but not much else. I use LibreOffice where I can but it still doesn’t handle Endnote CWYW that my collaborators refuse to disable so I have to keep using Word…