Scrivener - The Script Frenzy Edition


I have just posted a special trial version of Scrivener that lasts from now up until 7th May, for those participating in Script Frenzy:

For registered users, this version will work just like the regular version and will not be a trial. The main extra in there for the use of Script Frenzy participants is the 100 page target panel, available from View > Statistics > Show Script Frenzy Page Count:

Good luck with your 100 pages to all those taking part!

All the best,

And our offer on the ScriptFrenzy website:


Hooray! I was a bit worried about this :slight_smile:


hugs Keith

Thankies! Now I don’t have to learn how to use Celtx while trying to finish up two [EDIT: three] writing projects this month! [EDIT: And a website reformat.]

Thanks for adding this Keith! Since the page count feature has been added for this special edition, what will happen to it in the future when a new version of Scrivener comes out? I’d hate to upgrade and lose that feature. Are you planning on keeping it in future updates or just this edition?


It will just be in this edition of 1.x, but it’s on my list for integrating into the project targets pane of 2.0.

All the best,

Gotcha. Glad to hear it’s on the to-do for 2.x :slight_smile: Thanks!

I THINK I’ve followed the instructions…I had 1.53 before which I I purchased after the last NaNo, just got this 1.54 update to get the page count and…
It’s not there (View > Statistics > Show Script Frenzy Page Count:). My only choices under stats is the usual. Is there something else I need to activate?
The ABOUT shows that I’m now on 1.54.
Thank you SO much, Keith, for all you do for us,
Heather in AZ


You need to re-download the special Script Frenzy edition:

The standard 1.54 edition doesn’t have the page count, only the Script Frenzy version - I’ve updated the SF version so that it doesn’t nag you to update to 1.54, though. :slight_smile:

Hope that helps.

All the best,

Whoopie–but weird!
That was the link I got from the ScriptFrenzy site (I thought, anyway– and where I got the 1.54 version.

First time load–nuthin.
Second time–BRILLIANT!

Thank you, again, Keith.
All is well and I’m now (obviously) on track with ScriptFrenzy.
Many thanks,

When will the Script Frenzy 2011 version be posted? I clicked on the link to the 2010, and it says Script Frenzy 2011 “Coming Soon”.


Sometime over the next week. We’re just waiting on the Windows Script Frenzy version to be put together, then it will all go live.

Awesome. I can’t wait! Thanks for the update.

In case you haven’t seen, it’s up now. :slight_smile:

I’ve just downloaded the ScriptFrenzy edition of Scrivener, but I have the latest Windows Beta on my computer. Can they be run side by side or will the SF edition overwrite the newest beta version?