Scrivener thinks .scriv files are directories.[ADDRESSED]

Exactly what it says on the tin.

.scriv files are from mac version, pushed over both Fat32 and NTFS.

I’m using the windows version because my laptop died and my documents are all scriv files. Got the files off the drive. Nothing’s corrupted but I don’t have a mac to boot the drive off. Use a SATA to USB, got my files…

And I can’t open them. What do?

If I understood your question correctly, a .scriv is simply a folder on Windows. Within that folder is a series of other folders and files. The folder within the .scriv folder that contains your rtf documents, images, pdfs etc. is the ‘Files\Docs’ folder. All your content is in here.

If you are simply trying to open the Scrivener project on Windows. The within the .scriv folder is a file with a .scrivx prefix. Double clicking this files will launch the project within Windows.