Scrivener Thumbdrive

You guys remember when Scrivener came on a thumbdrive? It’s a pill shaped thumbdrive with “Scrivener” on one end and the logo on the other. Black & white… very cool. 8) It had just enough room for Scrivener Ver. 1.x on it.

I carefully opened the plastic case and replaced the original memory with a larger chip and now it holds the latest release and backups of all my scrivenings.image.jpg

How stylish is that? Superb composition too, the nib of the pen says it all. :smiley:

Yes, it’s a nice fountain pen. It’s not mine though, it’s just an image I grabbed online and comes from this site … n-pied-au/ I think the image is originally copyright to Literature and Latte.

I was sleep deprived and under the weather when I made the original post. I think what I was getting at is that I’d like to see a little more Scrivener swag. e.g. coffee mugs, t-shirts etc. I don’t usually wear clothing that advertises brands or products but in this case I would because it helps identify fellow users and would instigate spontaneous, enjoyable conversation with other otherwise unknown, writers, while ordering coffee or standing in queues etc. :smiley:

In that case. I can point you in the direction of:

I understand this is where The Blount Family got all it’s clothes before the logo change.

I personally recommend the Scrivener thong, not just for comfort, but because it’s made in the USA and it will keep me in a job. … -orchestra


Ahh…young Master Sin…there you are. I was wondering where the ‘tone lowerers’ were hiding.

Miss g.

I was wondering…is the percussionist…‘on something’?

Did you enjoy Christmas :smiley: ?

Syncopating his syncopation, I suspect. :unamused:

It was quiet, with no drama. Brother-in-law came over, and we made pizza. Yours?

Well, now that we’re all here…

…wanna dance?

seems there are no shortage of cultural highs, around your neck of the woods, Master Sin :frowning: :blush:

Eldest daughter was in the final throes of wedding prep, so unable to come to Ma & Pa’s for dinner. So…Ma & Pa+eldest daughter descended on youngest daughter, who did us all proud.

My eldest daughter was duly married on 27th. She is now in the hands of a much younger Retail Therapy financier. :wink: :slight_smile:
Happy New Year to y’all.

Congrats to the father of the bride. :slight_smile:

Why…thank you Sir…a gentleman and a scholar. :wink:

Thank you, fellow Canadian. :slight_smile: Will be ordering many useful items.

'snot worrI 'eard :open_mouth: I 'eard it was from

krb…pigfender is a Brit, on the run from the Fraud Squad. Left massive debts behind him. DON’T!! lend him any money!! :open_mouth:


I’d ask what kind of job requires that you wear thongs, but I’m not sure I want to know. :confused:

[size=85]psssttt!!![/size], Mister Bob, young Master Sin is a…is a…phwwwa…a…STUDENT!..[size=85]quick! where’s the mouthwash?[/size]

Happy New Year to all.

Eeeew! He’s paying people to have intellectual intercourse with him?! :blush: Thanks a lot, Fluff. Now I’m never going to get that image out of my head.