Scrivener to Android Workarounds?

Does anyone here work from their Android phone on the go? How do you guys collaborate with Scrivener?

If you use File > Export to place an external copy of your documents in a Dropbox folder, you can access those from your phone or make new documents and save them to the same location so they’ll sync back to your computer. Then just sort by modified date and copy the updated text back into the Scrivener project or import any new documents. You can use the Snapshot feature (in the Documents menu) to save a version of the document before pasting in changes, in case you want to roll back later or look at the two side by side.

The export feature is useful, great, even, but when I re-import back into Scrivener it doesn’t replace the original Scriv document, it adds a new one from the imported file.

Probably safer that way, but I wanted something more automated.

So, I wrote a little Python script that will scan the Project file (the XML file) and export out all, or a subset, of the RTF documents to a destination folder.

The files all go into one folder, but with numeric prefixes in the name so they list alphabetically in the same order as in the Binder. GoodSync Explorer copies the RTF files to my Android table, where MobiSystems OfficeSuite provides RTF editing.

My import does a little sanity checking and tucks all the RTF files back into Scrivener.

Python’s xml.etree.ElementTree has no trouble at all with Scrivener’s project file.

Kudos to Literature and Latte for making the XML file so easy to understand. Now, if some of the other things, like text presets, were in xml, that would be even better! :wink:

Hi people

Does anybody now an Android RTF editor which don’t mess with RTF? Officesuite, for instance, doesn’t open correctly RTF with images and save them without images.