Scrivener to ePub Format - Adding TOC

I watched the videos re compiling for ebooks - they are done for the MaC version and including selecting which elements went into the Table of Contents.

I see no equivalent in the Windows version - how do I tag headings for inclusion in the TOC - indeed how to do I do any formatting . e.g. I don’t link indents on pargraphs and prefer sub-headings to be centered in a larger font and blue - where do I add that presentation layer in Scirvener?

I have a similar problem (or might even be the same problem) - I use the subdocuments extensively in structuring the textbooks I write for my university courses using ePub format, and find that only the FIRST top level folder/document is included in my auto-generated TOC.

The problem persists even when I change all my documents to the same level (i.e. all are level 1 documents) - only the first document appears in the TOC. I have tried playing around with the formatting settings in the compile menu, but to no avail.

Seeing as these are textbooks for university courses, it would be helpful to have an easy way to see all the available sections, and therefore from there navigate straight to the relevant material!

Any help please? Many thanks!