Scrivener to Final Draft Software Question

I’m working on a screenplay in Scrivener’s screenwriting mode and plan to export it into Final Draft when it’s close to be being done. Since I don’t have FD software yet, I’m wondering how the page count will be affected. Let’s say my script is 120 pages in Scrivener. Will it stay around the same in Final Draft?

It should be fairly close, within the realm of working as an estimate. Final Draft is dedicated from the ground up toward getting page layout precise, whereas Scrivener doesn’t even really have a literal concept of page until you compile. Do note that FD has a free demo which can be used to load files and preview them. If I recall correctly, the limitation is that if the script is over 15 pages you can’t save it, but if you’re just verifying page counts you don’t need that.

Thanks for letting me know :slight_smile: I’ve had experiences in the past with one program (like MS Word) changing the page count significantly when transferring to screenwriting software, so I am trying to avoid that this time. I’ll have to try the FD trial when I’m closer to having a full draft complete. Thanks.