Scrivener to Leanpub: the search for guidance.

After playing a bit with GitHub pages for holding a bookish kind of thing, I’m thinking Leanpub is a better target for my purposes. I have Philip Espinosa’s book on Scrivener with Leanpub. He recommends using the Sync feature to set up for Leanpub, which expects separate files and a book.txt file saying what should be in the book. That’s one way. Scrivener is, might one say, “opinionated” about the file names in a sync directory, for reasons that seem good but are nonetheless a little concerning.

Another way I see is to compile for Leanpub somehow, but I think that would require use of a “splitter” sort of program, Doable but comes with its own issues.

Either way one has the issue of the book.txt. My only thought there is to use some kind of post-processor. For me, manually maintaining that file is right out, because I haven’t ever done it and I’ve already forgotten twice. So automating that will be critical.

It’s early days for this particular hookup so I have a lot to learn. I’ll appreciate ideas and pointers to articles and the like. Thanks!

OK, I’m slow. There’s probably no real problem just compiling the whole draft to a single file, is there? Do all the organization in Scrivener, don’t break it out into files, just put in the headers and let 'er rip.

FYI: Deep in the Leanpub help, I found this article: which uses Scrivener Export and a Python script to make the book.txt file.

Still interested in ideas, thanks!