Scrivener to WordPress/Blogger/etc... + tags & categories

I’ve been exploring the idea of a new blog, even launched a pilot blog with Rapidweaver, but ultimately decided that I didn’t want to always be at my mac when publishing blog posts. So now I’m looking tentatively at WordPress, but am not married to it yet, so I’ll consider any blog host that makes my process work more fluidly.

What I ultimately want is to compose blog posts in Scrivener, complete with tags and/or categories, compile the post using Multimarkdown, maybe have a custom MMD script if necessary, and just upload the result directly to the blog, where my tags and/or categories are recognized automatically. I really want all of the text, including those tags & categories to be in my original draft, and if at any time I decide to edit my post, I want to go back to Scrivener to do my edits without having to remember to restore that metadata.

I’m hoping that the Scriv community has some expertise in doing something like this. If I can’t completely automate it, I’d like a way to compile my article and then import it into some tool that can recognize my metadata and translate it into official blog tags and categories. Failing that… A way to go to my blog and export each individual entry as plain or rich text (rather than importing a web archive).

Any advice?

Um… I use MarsEdit – to post to my many blogs. Most are on WordPress, but I have a couple on TypePad.

MarsEdit is simple, functional, no fuss. I’ve been using it for several years, and am very happy. No dramas, ever. :slight_smile:

I do collect ideas in Scrivener for blog posts, and notes on series, but I’ve never considered using it as a complete blog editor.

If anyone is using Scrivener as a blog editor, I’d be very interested in your workflow too, as long as it’s not too tortuous – I like to keep things simple. :slight_smile: