Scrivener trial expiring notice (but I'm not on trial?)

Hi there,

I bought a scrivener license over a year ago, use it on all my devices, it’s been great. However, just now my computer restarted and, upon coming back on, displayed a notice that my Scrivener trial (???) has expired and everything is going to be deleted now, essentially. Is it just a bug and I can ignore it, or should I be concerned about this? I checked under the Register area and it still has my license number and everything in there, so I’m really not sure what the issue could be. Is it all good? I’m scared to close it now haha.

The good news is that Scrivener has no capacity to delete projects, so your data is safe.

Second, your purchase date tells me that you’re running Scrivener V2 for Mac; if that’s right, go here and download a fresh copy of the ‘legacy’ version that best suits your current setup:

Delete Scrivener from your computer (don’t worry, the projects are not stored inside Scrivener, so they’re safe), and replace it with the newly downloaded version.

If that doesn’t fix it, then immediately mail support (see … scroll down to “contact us”) to get into the support queue. Be sure to include the version of your OS (from the apple menu, ‘about this mac’), and Scrivener version, plus the information they’ll need to look up your license (the name/email address associated with the license key should suffice). If you can include a screenshot of the error/expiration notice, that might be useful to include in your first communication too.

Good luck!