Scrivener Triggers NVidia GPU on retinaMBP

Hi, on my 2010 MBP, Scrivener does not trigger the discrete GPU, however on my new retinaMBP, the NVidia GPU is triggered. This is the same OS X 10.8 and the same Scrivener 2.3.1 so some platform issue is causing the discrete GPU to kick in on the rMBP. Not sure if this is of any use, didn’t see this in the info.plist, maybe this is now needed to be specified on the rMBP. … TS40010791

Tested using gfxCardStatus:

OS X has always been slightly arcane about how and when it triggers different GPUs, and this issue certainly isn’t unique to Scrivener:

(Do you connect an external monitor?)

I know this could happen on some other machines just because Scrivener used Apple’s Quartz framework (or something) for something harmless, so it is most likely that OS X switches to the nVidea GPU because of some random framework call in various apps.

Just to update, indeed this is not reliable, sometimes Scrivener triggers the discrete GPU and sometimes it doesn’t (I haven’t tested if this is different in 10.8.1 as GfxCardstatus itself can act weirdly on the rMBP and there were no driver updates in 10.8.1). I do wonder whether adding NSSupportsAutomaticGraphicsSwitching to the plist wouldn’t make this a little less flaky than it is? 8)