Scrivener tuition / training

Can anyone point me to anyone that does paid one-on-one virtual tuition for Scrivener 3 for Mac?

I am at the end of the writing process for a PhD thesis (and was new Scrivener at before this) but am struggling with getting the settings right to avoid substantial manual reworking after exporting to MS Word relating to heading levels, bulleting, numbering, etc. which creates a huge workflow problem.

There are many videos out there but I’ve found they often don’t quite answer the issues I’m encountering so tailored questions from an expert is what I’m seeking. I haven’t had any luck so far with existing L&L forum posts or sites like Upwork.

Note that L&L technical support is free, and we can do a good amount of detailed hand-holding. You can open a support ticket here:


One on one

Ok fabulous, I’ll try that to start - thanks!