Scrivener Tutorial issue

Help, please! I feel so moronic having to ask this but - I just started the tutorial, got to “grab the document entitled “Step 3: Footer View” on the left and drag it into the header view above.” Unfortunately, I released it into the window instead, so now Step 3:Footer View page is a composite of Step 3 AND Step 2. I tried going back to just Step 3. Tried undoing the paste. It seems I’ve edited the tutorial and am unable to undo the mess I’ve made. How can I fix this? Any help appreciated.

It appears to have finally corrected itself. Please ignore my post. Sigh!

In case anyone else finds themselves in this situation, the Tutorial is simply a .scriv folder in the Scrivener install area. When you began the tutorial that folder was copied (without alteration) so you could work on the copy. To do this again yourself, just copy that folder to your projects area and use the new copy there.

To avoid poking about inside the installation package, you can just delete or rename the copy of the Tutorial project you originally created (when you first chose the Tutorial option from the Help menu or Getting Started category), then select “Tutorial” again from Scrivener to be prompted to make a new copy.

Hi Glanzer

On a Mac where can I find “.scriv folder in the Scrivener install area”. I’ve "lost steps 2 through to 4 of my tutorial.

You’ll find it in the Scrivener application. In Finder, in the Applications folder, right-click on the file and choose ‘Show Package Contents’.

Then, navigate down through Contents to Resources and you’ll find the Tutorial.scriv project.


Unless you have a very good reason of doing so, don’t – it’ll probably work but if you accidentally do something wrong you could end up having to reinstall the whole program, which is a pain.

Instead it’s much better to do what Jennifer suggested and simply delete your copy of the tutorial (from wherever you saved it in the Finder when you first opened it). Reopen Scrivener and select Help > Interactive Tutorial again and it will be recreated for you. Much safer.

Many thanks. That’s what I’ll (try to) do.