Scrivener Unable to Open! Mac OS Big Sur 11.3! Help!

While I am currently working on my laptop under Big Sur 11.2.2 as I am writing my book…I already updated to Big Sur 11.3 on my desktop and Scrivener will NOT open anymore! Help! I am really concerned that when Mac “forces” the update on my laptop to 11.3 I will lose access to my Scrivener manuscript. Is there an update or way to fix this problem? The error says “Scrivener quit unexpectedly” and click reopen - which just yields another duplicate error - never reopens. I am attaching a screenshot of the error message, but would sure love to have a solution to this asap.
Thanks! Jackson E. Graham

Install Scrivener 3.2.2, our Big Sur compatibility update. You can download it here:


Thanks for the update fix! It worked.

My new MacBook Air running Big Sur 11.2.3 would download the disk image (dmg file), but said it was corrupted when I tried to open it. I downloaded to my older Mac running High Sierra, installed the 3.2.2 update, copied the Scrivener app over into the applications folder on my MacBook Air (using a flashdrive, but AirDrop should work as well), and all was well after putting in the licence information. So something about opening the dmg doesn’t work on my MacBook Air in Big Sur.