Scrivener Unexpectedly Quits With Version 3.1.5

First I experienced a total shut down of my modem. It crashed, burned, and fried. Thought I’d mention this right off. New one is back up and running as 6/21/2021.

I cannot open Scrivener at all. The Scrivener Unexpectedly Quit window opens up and the reopen option results in the same situation.

I am on an iMac running Big Sur 11.4 with plenty of empty room on the HD and plenty of memory.

I have Scrivener 3.1.5.

I suggest you update Scrivener to 3.2.2, which contains Big Sur compatibility updates. Does that help?

Do I need to purchase it? Download online? I hope. Thank you.

Nope, it’s a free upgrade. Yes, download online.

It worked! Thank you. I thought I had the latest upgrade. Forgot to scroll down the page on the Scrivener software to check the version out completely.