Scrivener Uninstalled

Hi, I had to take my computer to the Geek Squad and somehow they uninstalled my Scrivener 30 day trial. I had several documents saved in there. Is there any way that I can restore my Scrivener and my documents? I would hate to have to start over as I do not have any backups of these files. I cannot find my Scrivener anywhere on my computer. I did find what I thought was one document but it said path not found. I don’t see anywhere to re-install it and I still had about 20 days of my trial remaining. I would appreciate any help on this issue. Thank you :frowning:

You can re-install the program, but if the Geekers somehow deleted your working file you’re out of luck. I’d go back to them and let them sort it out.

You are probably correct Major Major. I did re-install the program and when I put open project, I get path not found. I will take it back to the Geek Squad. I sure hope this can be resolved, if not, I have lost several files and I don’t know if I would want to start over. It was four short stories being created.

Thanks for your response.