Scrivener update 1.9.14 from 1.9.9 using Windows 7

The 9/17/2016 update for Windows seems to have removed the “do not update” if your using Windows 7 that the prior update (1.9.13? noted) with regard to issues with Paddle. I have experienced no problems with 1.9.9 version.

Therefore, if I had no “outstanding licensing and activation issues introduced by the switch to Paddle”, should I update?

Plus… it might be noted, the pop up window that indicates a “critical update” is shown it to be 1.9.14. BUT, the link showing release note details indicates them to be for 1.9.13. That’s a bit confusing… the release notes for the “critical fix” version (1.9.14) doesn’t match t he release note version in the link provided in the pop-up message to update (1.9…13). Plus, the “do not update” for windows 7 is gone for what I think was 1.9.13.