Scrivener v 023 crashes without error on attempted file open

This appears to be happening with only one of my projects (I haven’t gone through and tried them all…)

Scrivener v 023 for Windows (XP ver 2002) crashes without error when I attempt to open a project created with Scrivener 2 for the Mac (2.0.5 build 9496 Mac OS 10.4). I’m able to open other projects and create new projects with Win Scrivener v 023.

I can go back to the Mac and open the problem file.

Yes; I’m going back and forth using Dropbox and I’m being VERY careful to close files and give Dropbox time to sync the two file systems.

Hi jburridge,

I’ve seen this happen before where projects from the Mac just won’t open on Windows, no error, etc. Is it actually also quitting other open projects when you make the attempt? What size is your project?

The project file is 40 KB.

In WinXP, if I double-click the project’s icon, Scrivener brings up the “Unregistered copy” dialog box, I click on “TRY”, the hard disk whirs to itself, and Scrivener shows no sign of having launched. I land back at the OS.

In WinXP, if I open another project, then try to open the problem project, the hard disk whirs to itself, and I end up staring at the previously opened project.

In Mac OS 10.4, I can double-click on the problem project’s icon and Mac Scrivener 2 will open it. I was going to try a copy-and-paste routine to physically move the parts of the project into a Brand New Project and see if that works (I have already tried using Mac Scrivener’s SAVE AS function to save a new copy, but that hasn’t fixed the problem).

  • John

Something else to check–open the .scriv folder and make sure there aren’t any files with “Conflicted” as part of the name. Since you’re being careful about the Dropbox sync it’s unlikely, but it’s possible for Dropbox to create conflicted copies just through a network glitch that you might not have noticed, and such a file would prevent Windows from opening it properly. (I’d think though that this would also inhibit the project opening correctly on the Mac, but it’s worth at least taking a quick peek.)

Thanks for the tip! There was a conflicted file. I moved it out of the project’s folder and now WinXP Scrivener will open the file. Bother, I know data corruption can happen when a file handle doesn’t get closed properly and I was being extra careful to close Scrivener down when I moved from machine to machine and make sure all the Dropbox icons stopped whirling, too.

Scrivener is such a helpful tool for short story creation, I couldn’t resist having it on both machines…

Thanks again

  • John