Scrivener V3 Font License Question

Scrivener V3’s Default Fonts

When compiling for PDF output the default fonts used for compiling are:
• For the Modern format: Helvetica Neue Light for headings and Avenir Book for the body text.
• For the Paperback format: Times New Roman for headings and Palatino for the body text.

I was impressed that I actually had these fonts on my Mac. I assume that these came with MS Word 2011 or some Adobe product and didn’t the font didn’t come with macOS. I decided to look up the license information for these fonts.
• Helvetica Neue — Is a Linotype font designed in 1983. The license ( says “…only for your Personal or Internal Business Use…”
• Avenir — Is another Linotype subscription font with similar licensing.
• Times New Roman — This license says you can “For the most common uses, both personal and professional, for use in desktop applications with a font menu.” with MS Word, Pages etc. It doesn’t say that you can distribute the output as part of PDFs.
• Palatino — Is another Linotype font and has a similar license ( to Helvetica Neue.

Since EPUB and MOBI output generally doesn’t include fonts I don’t see and issue with eBooks. Paperback books production can certainly be considered to be other than “your Personal or Internal Business Use”. How does L&L view the rights to use these fonts for commercial use?

All copyright issues related to a Scrivener output document are the responsibility of the author, not Literature & Latte (which is why Scrivener will not embed fonts in ebooks).

I am not a lawyer, but my understanding is that there is a difference between using the “glyphs” generated by a font, for instance to print a paperback book, and distributing the actual font files themselves.