Scrivener V3 - Safe to start a new project now using the beta?


I’m patiently waiting to upgrade to V3 as soon as it is released.

I will be starting a new project soon - would it be safe for me to use the beta for this new project?



How important is the project?

If it has a deadline, when is it?

You probably will not lose data with the current beta. You are quite likely to run into bugs related to the Compile command, which may make it difficult to put your work into its final form. It’s also possible that the beta will flat refuse to work due to some as yet unknown conflict.

You can see many of the known bugs in the beta forum. Only you can decide if they are showstoppers for your specific projects.


Thanks for the quick response.

There is no fixed deadline at the moment. However, I wouldn’t want to take the risk of losing any work.

From what you are saying, it would appear that V3 is still very far from release, which is disappointing.

I already own version, so I think I’ll stick with that for the moment. I assume that I will be able to import anything created in that version into V3 without any issues.

I’m not commenting on the V3 release date. I’m discussing the potential risks of using the beta for critical work.


That’s fair enough. Once V3 is released, are there likely to be any issues with importing older projects into it?

I’d expect it to be much like the Mac Scrivener 2 -> 3 transition. See the Mac version’s upgrade guide for what to expect: … date-guide
(The guide is a Mac Scrivener 2 project, so you can open it in either the Windows release version or the beta. Obviously the specific “do this” instructions may behave differently in the beta.)

For the Mac version, the complete overhaul of the Compile command was probably the most disruptive change for existing workflows.


Thanks. I’ll wait until the release.


Foxprorawks: No idea if you’ll see this, but I’ve used the past three betas to work on stuff and things have been fine. I haven’t had any issues with each beta expiring and having to update then pull in whatever I’ve been working on. Of course, I’m hedging by exporting everything after each session and making an additional backup, but I would do that in v1 as well (as I do with anything else important I’m working on outside of Scrivener - backups, people!). What’s the worst that could happen? The beta could die, and I would have to switch over to Word. Not the end of the world. But two thumbs up from me, to add to the anecdotal bucket.