Scrivener v3 stripping justification from my compile.

This is actually a pretty serious issue, as in “uninstall V3 and go back to V1”, if I can’t resolve it.

I’ve been compiling my ebooks in scrivener, with no problem ever since I bought V1. But V3, is currently stripping my justification settings from any ebooks. It leaves them in PDF when I go that route, so it’s something unique to Epub settings, and I’ve used both epub2 and epub3, with no change.
On the compile page, it is noting: “no layouts from this format have been assigned to any of the section. If no layouts are assigned all text formatting will be based on how documents appear in the editor.”
which is how I want it, but the compile isn’t doing that–it’s stripping my chosen justification.

So can anyone give me a hand finding a solution to this?

Also, I have tried other measures.

  1. go to compile. Assign the section. to my text.

Go to compile settings. Go to section layouts. choose “use editor settings” when all my writing had a justified style applied.

No change. It’s still ragged right.

  1. text and notes, use custom formatting. Choose justified.

No change.

This is pretty serious, because best practices for an ebook is to have it be justified, and If I can’t get that, it’s pretty much back to Scrivener V1 or Word.

No, it’s not. But that’s beside the point since most ebook readers allow the user to choose the text’s justification.

I, for example, hate justified text and hyphenation.