Scrivener/Vellum Lists not working after Subhead


I have several (unordered) lists in my draft that are directly preceded by a Heading 2. If I compile the script for Vellum the lists aren’t created in Vellum. Does anyone know a solution for this issue? Putting simply a text paragraph between heading and list makes it work but that’s not an option for me since the heading is directly for the list.

I’m aware that this seems more like a Vellum issue but I cannot find any good place to get Vellum help quickly. I assume there are many Scrivener users who are experienced with Vellum here.

This looks like it might be a general bug in how styled headings are not properly terminated when following a list. You can test the results in any word processor in fact, you don’t need Vellum. If I compile with RTF, and have a “Heading 2” title added by the compiler for a section that begins with a list, then in a word processor that shows styles, the “Heading 2” style will be applied to the list, as well as all subsequent paragraphs within that section (until/if another style is used).

So one question I’d have is whether you need these to be semantic subheads? If not, if the base formatting of the text is good enough for what you want, then you could go in to the compile format and remove the style declaration from the heading on the section layout. An easy way of doing that is to just bump the font size up a notch and then back down. That will break the style link and leave the formatting intact.

I’ll get this filed though, as obviously that’s a problem that needs to be fixed no matter.

AmberV, thanks for the hints! I tried removing the semantic headers but it broke all my book’s structure. I guess there’s no way around waiting for the Vellum dev to fix this.

To reiterate, this is a problem with how the compiler is styling headings, and how that style overflows into the following content when the content starts with a list. I wouldn’t want to suggest that another developer is responsible for fixing what is a bug on our end. It would be better for us to fix the style problem that exists in general.

Like I say, it has nothing to do with Vellum. This problem can be seen using standard RTF in a normal word processor.

The easiest fix from your end will be to leave the subheadings unstyled, as described, but formatted uniquely (try bright red text or something). Then use Word’s ability to select all similarly formatted text, batch apply a style called “Vellum Subheading” to the text. Save that and then import into Vellum. It’s how people would have done styled output from Scrivener before we released 3.0.

@AmberV you’re saying it’s a bug in Scrivener?

The generated docx file displays the heading and list with correct styles so I would assume that Scrivener generates the compilation without issues.

What are you using to verify the results? In my testing (I’ve checked in Nisus Writer Pro, Scrivener itself, LibreOffice and Pages) I get the heading paragraph style applied to the list and all paragraphs following it, until another style is used.

I’ve used Pages to open the generated docx file. The header/list formatting looks OK in it. I’ve used the Scrivener example file for Vellum to base my book template on ( … And then used the Vellum export compile format in Scrivener.

It will in some cases look okay (though some attributes may not, such as line spacing), thanks to how formatting works on top of styles, but if you click into the text itself you should see that over in the Pages inspector it says “Vellum Subheader” on all the list items and subsequent paragraphs.

One of the Vellum devs responded to my bug report. Here’s what he says:

[i]Thanks for your description! Using it, we were able to reproduce the bug. It turns out that this is an issue with how Scrivener is creating the docx for Vellum. As you can see in the attached image, even though the Word document looks correct, Scrivener has applied the Vellum Subheading style to the content following the Subhead. This indicates to Vellum that this text should be considered a Subhead.

We will file a bug with Scrivener. For now, though, you can remove the Vellum Subheading style in Word after you compile your docx. Another option would be to include regular text between your Subhead and your list, which you can then remove in Vellum after you’ve imported the docx.[/i]

This should be fixed for the next Scrivener update.