Scrivener very slow to load project

I have a project that has gotten very slow to load, and I’m wondering if this is to be expected with a project o f this size, or if it suggests something wrong with the project. Here’s what I’ve got:

Project specs:
• 39.9 mb on disk
• 1111 files shown in Scrivener
• 1822 total files
• 1236 folders
• 221,088 words

I have tested it on an i3 PC with 16 gig RAM, and an i7 with 24 gig ram. I have converted it to version 3 beta, and tested it under both version 1.9 and 3.

On the i3 I get:
• Scrivener 1.9:
○ 30 secs to load
○ 58 secs to view scrivening
○ After click away to a sub-folder then back to draft, 50 secs to view scrivenings
• Scrivener 3 beta:
○ 4 minutes 45 seconds to open and show in scrivenings

On the i7 I get:
• Scrivener 1.9
○ 10 secs to open the large project
○ 30 secs to load when click on draft folder in scrivenings mode
○ Clicked to another document in binder, paused, then back to draft, and Scrivener crashed
• Scrivener 3 beta
○ 20 seconds to open full project
○ 55 seconds to display all in Scrivenings mode
○ Clicked to another document in binder, then back to draft and clicked on Scrivenings mode, took 60 seconds to return to full view

Both computers have the OS and the project on Samsung SSD drives.

On version 1.9 I also periodically experience the project crashing when it loads or when I switch to Scrivenings view for the draft folder.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.